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We rely on feedback loops at every stage of the process to ensure that we’re making data driven product decisions at each critical point in your project.

  • 1 Strategize
  • 2 DESIGN
  • 3 Create


understand, plan and test

This phase is defined by learning, testing and iterating until we’ve arrived at an understanding of why, how and what we are building.


An interactive session with a member of our product team where we learn about the problem that you’re solving, who you’re solving it for, and your idea. We use these discovery sessions to build out testable hypotheses around users and the value proposition, as well as understand the current customer journey.

User Research

Human centered design is as the core of our product design process. We rely on user research tactics to empathize with your users, understand their pain points, and spot opportunities to build valuable products. Through this research, we seek to validate our user and value proposition hypotheses and iterate accordingly.

Develop User Personas

Based on the data from our user research, we use personas as a collaboration tool to reach consensus on who we’re building this product for and why it’s so important that we build it. This activity is a great way to empathize with your user before working on potential solutions.



understand, plan and test

We believe that functionality is the highest form of beauty and emphasize intuitive user experience on every project.

Solution Brainstorm

If we understand the problem and who we’re solving it for, we now need to come up with a solution. Starting with many ideas is the most effective way to discover the best idea. By starting with a wide array of solutions, we then whittle that down to the 1-3 that we think are worth testing.

Prototype + Test

Time to get something tangible into the hands of your user. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to work. Our goal is to achieve observational learning by giving them a functional product with which they are able to interact. Most of the time this is a combination of wireframes in a clickable prototype.


User experience goes beyond your users interaction with the product, it’s important to understand the entire customer journey. Leaning on the data gained from the prototyping and testing phase, we seek to design an intuitive UX that allows your users to move effortlessly through your product. Designing a User Interface that your users.



understand, plan and test

We operate as an agile team which follows a two week sprint schedule. This allows for focus on specific functionality along with a proper QA process.


Based on the functionality that we have designed and tested, we operate in two week sprints to ensure that the product that we are developing meets the desired need. We understand that products are constantly improving. We focus on understanding the product roadmap to make engineering decisions that allow you to scale your product.

Testing and QA

Following the agile methodology, we work in 2 week sprints delivering a live demo at the end of each sprint for your team to review. This allows for open and transparent communication, and evaluation of the work being completed. Our sprints are organized ahead of time to align all of our tasks with the different team members working on the application, granting everyone involved visibility through the entire development process.

Launch and Support

We believe in launching and learning where we can make improvements to your product based on user feedback, observational learning and analytics. We’ll support you through this process and maintain your current product through bug fixes, required updates, and continued development.

Process is critical to our ability to build great products.

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